I’m writing this for those who feel like Ratna is an added extra/unnecessary expense.

We built SARAL with the mission of being the most simple and affordable influencer marketing tool for emerging DTC brands. We hate how the alternatives have toxic annual contracts, and charge you extra for hidden features and data. We do not wish to continue this tradition of tech companies milking brands for as much money as possible.

Let me share some of the thought and philosophy behind why we chose to price SARAL the way we did.

🥲 Getting influencer data will cost you

Getting data about influencers is going to cost you one way or the other. This is an accepted fact of building an influencer program. If you want to send product to 100’s of influencers, you need to be willing to invest in getting their contact info.

How you get data Cost Downside Upside
Manual finding Your Time (hours for every 100 influencers) You don’t get to do on the important high-leverage work You save on hard cash.
Hire a VA to find Pay the VA. Usually $0.5 - $1 per influencer contact. Slow, lower quality data Cheapest option
Using another database tool $5 - $10 per influencer contact Gets very expensive very fast. Credits expire every month. None

Now contrast that with using Ratna:

How you get data Cost Downside Upside
Ratna < $1 per influencer contact None. Flexible pricing. Buy as you want. Ratna gems never expire.

This data is not free for us. We use a complex technical infrastructure to find the influencer’s data for you. Pinging the Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube API’s for information costs us (as a business) money.

So we are not trying to upsell you into spending more with us. Ratna is the most economical option we could come up with to solve for mass-prospecting of influencers.

We give you 300 free Ratna each month!

To mitigate this, our platform comes with 300 Ratna every month for you to use. If you’re a new brand worried about any additional flexible costs, you no longer have to worry!

300 influencers a month is a good volume of influencers to be reaching out to. Note that we do not charge anything extra for importing via the chrome extension or from the “Import CSV” option.

You can take advantage of the bulk search and save 300 influencers for free each month! Once you grow, you can flexibly buy more as needed.

😾 Why is it an extra fee?

When pricing SARAL, we had two options:

  1. Bake the data costs into the monthly platform fee and charge $1000 or higher per month
  2. Keep the platform fee as low as possible and have a flexible price for the data